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Re: uw-imapd gssapi support and heimdal

Hi Mark,

gss_nt_service_name == GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE in Heimdalese
unless my memory eludes me. I believe that this is a case of 
Heimdal implementing gssapi2 (please correct me someone?) and 
MIT does not. This is from a typical bit of MIT-Heimdal 
compatible code:

 extern gss_OID gss_nt_service_name;
 #define GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE gss_nt_service_name

or do the the "reverse" if the code uses the "MIT-symbols".

Together with a bit of autoconf (which won't do you a bit of 
good with imapd :-) you should be in good shape. Don't know 
exactly about the gss_mech_krb5 but I am pretty sure it must 
be a gss_OID too (possibly GSS_KRB5_MECHANISM) and a similar 
bit of cpp as the above should do the trick.

	Cheers Leif

Leif Johansson				Phone: +46 8 164541		
IT- and media services
Stockholm University 			email: leifj@it.su.se 	

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