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LDAP and Kerberos


I'm planning to use (Heimdal) Kerberos 5 and LDAP at our site and I've
seen that there's support for LDAP in Kerberos and also support for
Kerberos in LDAP. What I like to do is, to use Kerberos at our site
for a centralized password system and hopefuly LDAP for the
distribution of other information about the users, like their id's,
groups, real names and so on.

But I've found no documentation about the LDAP support in Heimdal. Is
there any?

If not, it would be nice, if someone on this list could explain the
support a little bit. For what can the LDAP support in Heimdal be

I think, that the Kerberos support in LDAP is only for secure
connections between a LDAP client and a LDAP server. Is that true?

Thanks for your help,