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Re: LDAP and Kerberos

Heiko Muenkel <muenkel@tch.de> writes:
> Hi,


> But I've found no documentation about the LDAP support in Heimdal. Is
> there any?

First of all, the LDAP support in Heimdal means that Heimdal can store
its database in a LDAP server and access it over LDAP.  This might or
might not be what you want to do.

This support was contributed by Luke Howard <lukeh@PADL.COM> and he
has some information about it on his web-page

> I think, that the Kerberos support in LDAP is only for secure
> connections between a LDAP client and a LDAP server. Is that true?

I believe there's support for using Kerberos under gss-api
authentication in LDAP, and here Heimdal should be usable but this is
not something that I've tried.  Maybe someone more in the know can
fill us in?