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Re: Problems with kpasswd

Heiko Muenkel <muenkel@tch.de> writes:
> Hi,


> I'm running Heimdal Kerberos (using rpm's for version 0.2t) on a SuSE
> 6.4 Linux distribution.

Are these rpm's included with SuSE or are they third-party?  If so,
can you give us a pointer to them so that we can add them to the web-page?

> muenkel@master:/soft/kerberos/heimdal/heimdal-0.2t/kpasswd > ./kpasswd
> muenkel@TCH.DE's Password: 
> New password: 
> Verifying password - New password: 
> kpasswd: krb5_change_password: Unknown error 4294967288

This is a known (and fixed) bug.  It doesn't convert the error message
but it's `service not supported' and it's due to some differences
between how getaddrinfo() works (in glibc) and how it works in our
ideal world (small place).  Anyways, it's fixed in the upcoming 0.3a,
but meanwhile the simple and easy work-around is to add something like
this to your /etc/krb5.conf:

        TCH.DE = {
                admin_server = udp/kerberos.tch.de

> Any ideas? Are any entries in krb5.conf or any special entries in the
> kerberos database nessesary? 

No configuration stuff should really be necessary but for a day or so
you will have to do with it.