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Re: Problems with kpasswd

Assar Westerlund writes:
 > Heiko Muenkel <muenkel@tch.de> writes:
 > > Hi,
 > Hello.
 > > I'm running Heimdal Kerberos (using rpm's for version 0.2t) on a SuSE
 > > 6.4 Linux distribution.
 > Are these rpm's included with SuSE or are they third-party?  If so,
 > can you give us a pointer to them so that we can add them to the web-page?

No, I've used the redhat rpm's and made some simple modifications. I
had to change the startscript in the init.d directory and had to do
the modifications in /etc/services by hand. And I've installed the
client rpm with:
 rpm -i --excludepath /usr/bin --replacefiles \
But the reason for this was only, that I don't like to overwrite the
clients in /usr/bin at this time. In my mind it would be nice to
put the /usr/bin files in a seperate rpm file.

I've not build any rpm's until know. If there are any instructions how
to build the heimdal binary rpm's, I'll try to build them on a SuSE
system, so that you can put them on your server. I can also send a
modificated start script, that works on a SuSE system to this list.

kpasswd is working now! Thanks for the hint. 

In the manual of Heimdal I've red, that there is a way to anhance the
password quality checking by defining an external library. Are the
internal quality checking rules somewhere described? It seems to me,
that only the password length will be proved. 

SuSE comes with a lib called libcrack.so. Does anyone know, if this
lib can be used to enhance the password quality check in Heimdal.