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Re: Problems with kpasswd

Heiko Muenkel <muenkel@tch.de> writes:

> In the manual of Heimdal I've red, that there is a way to anhance
> the password quality checking by defining an external library. Are
> the internal quality checking rules somewhere described?

Infact they are, in the manual.

> It seems to me, that only the password length will be proved.

Passwords have to be at least six characters long. Since password
quality is really a political issue, we don't want to impose confusing
restrictions on other people.

> SuSE comes with a lib called libcrack.so. Does anyone know, if this
> lib can be used to enhance the password quality check in Heimdal.

Depends, what does it do? If it's the standard cracklib, it might
work. If not it might not be too hard to make it work. Check out the
lib/kadm5/sample_passwd_check.c file in the source dist.