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Re: more issues

On 8 Aug 2000, Johan Danielsson wrote:

> > 4) We have a large number of machines in domains other than
> > andrew.cmu.edu; Any suggestions for easing the short to long
> > instance translation burden, other than having a huge translation
> > table? If the hosts were expected to be stagnant it would be easier
> > to handle; Can't reasonably use dns to fix the problem in the kdc,
> > either.
> If you set 
> [realms]
>         ANDREW.CMU.EDU { 
>                 v4_domains = andrew.cmu.edu whatever.com
>         }
> doesn't that do the trick?

v4_domains = andrew.cmu.edu wash.acs.cmu.edu fs.andrew.cmu.edu
esl.acs.cmu.edu dws.acs.cmu.edu cc.cmu.edu net.cmu.edu 
(etc) actually

Ok, how much of a performance hit should I expect from non-optimal
ordering due to work doen in kdc/kerberos4.c:valid_princ()?