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Heimdal + AFS + Win2k


I have read the documentation of Heimdal, but I can't really figure out if
it will fit our need. Right now we have KTH-KRB. What I want to do is

* Transform the database from krb4 to krb5

* Have the krb5 server on Solaris on the AFS server machines

* Be compatible with HPUX 10.20 native Kerbers 5 support

* Be compatible with AFS (and if possible the AFS native klog)

* Be able to use the same passwords on Win2k

And if this works, some thing which would be very neat is an AFS bridge to
Win2k via Samba using krb5 passwords.

Is this possible?


Johan Hedin
| Johan Hedin                      | johanh@fusion.kth.se             |
| Ph.D. Student and System Manager | http://www.fusion.kth.se/~johanh |