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Re: Heimdal + AFS + Win2k

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Johan Hedin wrote:

> Hi
> I have read the documentation of Heimdal, but I can't really figure out if
> it will fit our need. Right now we have KTH-KRB. What I want to do is
> * Transform the database from krb4 to krb5


> * Have the krb5 server on Solaris on the AFS server machines

ok. (we're doing this)

> * Be compatible with HPUX 10.20 native Kerbers 5 support


> * Be compatible with AFS (and if possible the AFS native klog)


> * Be able to use the same passwords on Win2k

ok. (but if you have v4-salted keys from your kdc, you need a patch to
ensure win2k clients get a v5 salted key, assuming one exists; and if not
you need a way for a password change to be effected so the additional key
gets created)

> Is this possible?