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Re: roken merge

Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:

> Arla has one libroken. Heimdal has another. I wanted to build Arla, and
> because I had Heimdal installed, I hated life.
> Since my assumption is the Heimdal one is more authoritative, here are
> patches to merge it:
> a) patch for lib/roken/Makefile.am
>   this may be slightly incorrect given i don't know what the difference
>   between libroken_la_SOURCES and EXTRA_libroken_la_SOURCES
> b) patch for lib/roken/roken.h.in to add missing structures defines etc
> c) files in arla libroken not in heimdal libroken, in a tar.gz
>   these files are:
>   copy_basename.c  eefile.c  epopen.c      str2inaddr.c  strsplit.c
>   copy_dirname.c   efile.c   inaddr2str.c  strmatch.c    strtrim.c
> Now life sucks less. Or differently. Or something.

You'll learn to hate life differently :(

(Don't we add the -L and -l in the right order to avoid this problem ?)

I have made changes to getarg too, there is not simple way out of
this. There are work in the pipe to solve the problem.

To overall plan is to kick out arla's libroken and replace it with
heimdal's and keep track of it closer this time (and not make any local

The libcmd that is include in arla today is not a solution.