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Re: Heimdal and OpenBSD 2.6

>A function getaddrinfo() is returning an error -2.
>	     ret = getaddrinfo (p, portstr, &hints, &ai);
>p is
>(gdb) p p
>$25 = 0x46da0 "babble.citi.umich.edu"
>and portstr is 
>(gdb) p portstr
>$24 = "88\000\000\000,A,\b@\223,Az\000\000\223,Az\000\000,ATS?_\000p\004\000<*\005\000\\,AH?_"
>Both look OK to me.

	behavior changes depending on the content of "hints".

	openbsd 2.6 uses NRL getaddrinfo, and -2 means EAI_NONAME
	(name or service is not known).

	openbsd 2.7 uses KAME getaddrinfo.