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autoconf version


What autoconf version do I need for Heimdal?

As far as I can tell, version 2.13 is the latest I can find at

however I get the following error:

[508] [snoopy:bam] ~/build/heimdal >autoconf        
FATAL ERROR: Autoconf version 2.14.-1.1 or higher is required for this script

where the -1 seems a bit silly to me.

This is Heimdal 0.3b, I haven't tried 0.3c yet, is that likely to

Looking at the Configure script, I see:

#! /bin/sh
# From configure.in Revision: 1.252
# Guess values for system-dependent variables and create Makefiles.
# Generated by Autoconf 2.14a.

so where can I get autoconf 2.14a from?

I am trying to test my patch (I can give copies to however may be
interested) that is meant to:

- not install libeditline if libreadline is used. (I still have to
work out why libreadline isn't being used in the first place though).

- use the installed version of libcom_err, rather then compiling a new

I have been told I have to do similar things for libss (and perhaps
libsl), whatever these libraries are...

The problem being that the Debian e2fsprogs package contains
libcom_err and libss, and they conflict.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>