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Re: heimdal and OpenSSL

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 11:11:14PM +0100, GOMBAS Gabor wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 01:07:45PM -0600, Jacques A. Vidrine wrote:
> > The *BSD systems provide this in libcrypto. 
> There are operating systems other than *BSD. Read the OpenSSL documentation
> (doc/crypto/des.pod): "des_new_random_key() [...] not implemented here."

Are you _trying_ to misunderstand me?

> > One could always use the one Heimdal provides on systems without it. 
> You haven't looked at the Heimdal build system either: if it finds the
> OpenSSL crypto library, it _won't_ build the included des library.

I didn't say that it did.   Re-read the thread.

[restoring what you snipped]
> > > 2. It breaks on every operating system which do not have /dev/urandom
> > >   (see the OpenSSL sources); my patch has egd support too
> >
> > What is `It' in the sentence above?
> Your proposed changes. If there is no /dev/urandom, the RNG will not be
> seeded.

That's not true.  The changes I posted do not change how anything is

It only changes the API names in libdes and it's consumers.

> Your changes might be fine for a *BSD port, but are not enough for a
> general distribution.

Why do you feel this way?  The changes I propose make it easier for
porters to use OpenSSL _if they so choose_.  The changes work on all
platforms.  They do not mandate the use of OpenSSL.  It is just text

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