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Re: readline, editline, sl and snprintf

--On Thursday, January 25, 2001 01:24:25 PM +0100 Johan Danielsson 
<joda@pdc.kth.se> wrote:

> The reason we do this is because we wanted the krb4 libraries to be
> `self contained', since we can't really expect people to change the
> `-lkrb -ldes' incantation. This required that we include the
> non-standard functions in these libraries, but in a renamed form.
> We never did the same with Heimdal, but some of this might have been
> included over time. We should somehow fix this, especially since the
> krb4 code has switched automake too, so we can't get by with different
> sets of makefiles anymore.
> None of these libraries should of course include functions by their
> real names.

Well, the problem is editline was recently changed to include snprintf.c 
while sl was not changed to not include it. The problem with changing sl is 
probably (and I haven't looked) in the el_compat case; Presumably if 
el_compat does not do so, el_compat should include snprintf.c and sl should 
then never include it.

Since I wanted it to build, that's the change I made;-)