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Re: MIT / Heimdal interoperability

>> 1) kadmin hangs trying to do any operation.  Here's a backtrace while trying
>> to perform a "get":
> Our kadmin uses a different protocol, so "we don't expect that to
> work." :-)
> It should probably recognize a MIT server/client at the other end, and
> fail gracefully.
OK, understandable

>> kinit: converting creds: Unknown error 2544761088
> I think this is because the MIT krb524d insists that the ticket use
> des-cbc-crc, which it might not be. You should check output from
> krb524d, since the conversion isn't done by the kdc.
That's it, if I use -e des-cbc-crc on the kinit command line it works fine,

It might help if there was a doc/mit-compat.txt or something similar...I
haven't found much (any?) mention of this sort of thing in my paging through
the manuals and I'll bet I'm not the only one who's hit these.


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