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Re: Server not found in database

On Tuesday, March 13, 2001 05:04:02 PM +0100, Alex Schenkman 
<alex@melody.se> wrote:
| $ sudo /usr/local/bin/login me
| 2001-03-13T17:05:37 AS-REQ me@FREE.TEST from IPv4: for
| krbtgt/FREE.TEST@FREE.TEST 2001-03-13T17:05:37 TGS-REQ me@FREE.TEST from
| IPv4: for host/carlota.intern@FREE.TEST 2001-03-13T17:05:37
| Server not found in database: host/carlota.intern@FREE.TEST: No such
| entry in the database
| (carola.intern is the kdc and localhost)
| Do I need an entry in the database for my host as well ?

Yes; login first gets a TGT, then uses that to try to get the host service 
ticket as a check for KDC spoofing.  You need both the host/carlota.intern 
ticket and a keytab (/etc/krb5.keytab) containing it.

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