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Re: 0.3e breaks kaserver emulation

We had the same experience here, on a Digital Unix (or Compaq whatever)
V4.0G Alphaserver, so we reverted to 0.3d. However, the kdc bombs when
an AFS client tries to authenticate. And what is even more annoying, the
debugger bombs when trying to read the core dump... I'm working on it,
but it would be nice with some ideas or hints, if there are any out

         Torbjorn Moa

"Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" wrote:
> I'm only just getting around to working on this finally.
> kaserver.c initially fails to find kerberos4.h; commenting that out, it
> loses with four "too few arguments to function `db_fetch4'" errors.
> (Can I assume that we're the only site actually using the kaserver
> emulation?)
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