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Re: autoconf 2.1.3

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Dunning <jsd@lanl.gov> writes:

    Jeff> I am trying to build Heimdal using Cygwin which uses
    Jeff> autoconf 2.1.3. I am not able to build because a)
    Jeff> configure.in requires 2.1.4-1.1 and b) if I change configure
    Jeff> to only require 2.1.3 then autoconf do not work
    Jeff> correctly. Is there any way around this.

Don't you mean 2.13 and 2.14-1.1?

AFAIK, Heimdal requires CVS versions of both autoconf and
automake. Unfortunately there is no way around this, I think it is
because it has been so long since the last release of these vital
tools (IIRC).

I use the Debian version of these, packaged in experimental. 


(note: the date is more significant then the version)

They work great for Heimdal, but break other applications :-(, so I
have gone back to the last stable version for now (as I have stopped
playing around with Heimdal autotools stuff for the moment).
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>