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Re: Heimdal and NAT

joda@pdc.kth.se (Johan Danielsson) writes:
> > Kerberos V5: mk_req failed (Server not found in Kerberos database)
> This sounds like the client is trying to get tickets for the wrong
> principal. Can you try to find what principal it's trying to use?

I think you're running a somewhat old version.  The current version
tries to print the principal it's trying to use, as in:

    [ Trying mutual KERBEROS5 (host/blahonga.nolleberga@FOO.SE)... ]
    [ Kerberos V5 accepts you as ``assar@FOO.SE'' ]
    [ Output is now encrypted with type DES_CFB64 ]
    [ Input is now decrypted with type DES_CFB64 ]

If the hostname that gets printed is the wrong one, we have to find
out what's failing to get the real hostname.