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Re: heimdal won't make on Tru64

Please let me know if this type of troubleshooting is not appropriate for 
ths discussion list, and I can refrain from "Cc"'ing the list.

On 19 Sep 2001, Mattias Amnefelt wrote:

> Nate Johnson <natejohn@indiana.edu> writes:
> > I am interrested in the heimdal krb5 since it comes with an SIA module
> > for Tru64 UNIX.  However it doesn't seem to want to make.  I am
> > getting  the following error:
> >
> >   cc: Error: lex.l, line 75: In this statement, "ECHO" is not
> >   declared. (undeclared)
> >   ECHO;
> >   ^
> >   *** Exit 1
> >   Stop.
> >
> > I configured with the following flags: "--enable-osfc2
> > --without-ipv6", and was using DEC's c compiler.  gcc also won't make.
> >
> > Has anyone experienced similar problems?  Any advice would be great.
> This problem occurs when you use lex which is shipped with tru64. Either
> use a third party lex or remove the line which says
> #undef ECHO
> in your lex.l. This undefine is needed on aix if I remember correctly, but
> breaks building on tru64.

I removed the line from the following files:

  heimdal-0.4e/lib/com_err/lex.l <--two instances here

...did a "make distclean", then did a "./configure --enable-osfc2
--without-ipv6; make".  And am now getting this error:

  cc: Error: addr_families.c, line 887: In this declaration, parameter 4
  has a different type than specified in an earlier declaration of this
  function. (mismatparam) krb5_make_addrport (krb5_context context,
  cc: Error: addr_families.c, line 887: In this declaration, the type of
  "krb5_make_addrport" is not compatible with the type of a previous
  declaration of "krb5_make_addrport" at line number 1828 in file
  ./krb5-protos.h. (notcompat) krb5_make_addrport (krb5_context context,
  *** Exit 1
  *** Exit 1
  *** Exit 1

Do you have a suggestion as to what I should try next?

Thank you so much for your help,

* Nate Johnson, UITS Webtech SysAdmin
* natejohn@indiana.edu