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Re: heimdal won't make on Tru64

Nate Johnson <natejohn@indiana.edu> writes:
> I am interrested in the heimdal krb5 since it comes with an SIA module for
> Tru64 UNIX.  However it doesn't seem to want to make.

On what version of Tru64 are you trying to build this?

> I am getting the
> following error:
>   cc: Error: lex.l, line 75: In this statement, "ECHO" is not declared.
>   (undeclared)
>   ECHO;
>   ^
>   *** Exit 1
>   Stop.
> I configured with the following flags: "--enable-osfc2 --without-ipv6",
> and was using DEC's c compiler.  gcc also won't make.

I think this is caused by a difference between lex and flex.  But on
all recent versions of Tru64 it seems that there's also a flex
supplied, and that is preferred.

It should also work with Tru64's lex and we'll fix that for the next
release, but for now the easist work-around is probably to install