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Re: mit krb5 > heimdal db problems..

The MIT krb5 v1.2.x kdb5_util dump command has two undocumented options 
to re-key the database as it is dumped. One option, "-mkey_convert," 
indicates that you want to re-key; the other, "-new_mkey <stash file>," 
allows you to specify a stash file containing the new key, instead of 
letting kdb5_util prompt you. You can use kdb5_util stash to create a 
new stash file.


Chris Csanady wrote:

>Is it possible to convert a mit 1.2.2 database with a 3des master
>key to a heimdal database?  From the documentation, it looks like I
>kstash ; hprop -n --source=mit-dump -d mit_dump.b7 | hpropd -n
>However, the resulting database does not work.  From kadmin -l,
>kadmin> get ...
>kadmin: get ...: No correct master key
>Does anyone know what the problem is?
>Chris Csanady