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AFS string2key broken?

I have had considerable trouble getting an afs principle in our database
to work.  Anyways, I think I have come across a bug with string2key.  This
is with 0.4e.

# bos addkey server -kvno 1 -cell cell
input key: passwd
Retype input key: passwd

# string2key -a
AFS cell: cell
Password: passwd

Now, if I use 'asetkey list', it shows a different key than that produced
with string2key.  When I add the key that asetkey shows, afs is all happy,
so I can only assume that the afs string2key is broken.

Also, using ktutil to write an afs keyfile does not work either.

Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this?

It seems ludicrously difficult to set up a working k5/afs environment,
something that surprises me, considering that AFS is now open.  The
situation seems to be even worse with the mit server--I have still found
no way to get the same key into the server.

Chris Csanady