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Re: Getting Heimdal kaserver to work...

On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 23:02, Eric Knudstrup wrote:
> Ok, I have it so I can kinit to my kaserver-sourced db (and klist), but klog.krb
> doesn't work and the kdc isn't listening on the kaserver port.
> So, what do I try next?

You did build heimdal with kaserver support (configure

You also need /var/heimdal/kdc.conf with at least the following:

	require-preauth = false		# or v4/afs will lose
	enable-kerberos4 = true
	enable-kaserver = true
	check-ticket-addresses = false	# ssh w/krb4+afs wants this

(Someone who actually understands what's going on should confirm; I got
the above via trial and error, since we kinda ended up being the beta
test site for heimdal's kaserver emulation :)

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