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Re: instructions for SIA module on Tru64 5.1?

Some extra info on this.

I wrote:

> I'm not entirely sure how it should work, particularly to avoid
> local passwords for most users.

[In case that looks odd, I meant specifically with C2 security.]

> Also, passwd offers KRB5 as a mechanism, but if I select that,
> passwd just exits.

I've now realized that password-setting just isn't implemented.
Perhaps it should print an instruction to use kpasswd rather than just
fail.  I couldn't get any debugging messages out of the module,
assuming they should have turned up in /var/adm/sialog.

I have now got source for an SIA module for MIT Kerberos which works.
Perhaps that would help figure out things for Heimdal.  I'll try to
find time to study it.