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Re: instructions for SIA module on Tru64 5.1?

Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> writes:

> I've now realized that password-setting just isn't implemented.

Not for krb5, no. It would probably not be to hard to add.

> Perhaps it should print an instruction to use kpasswd rather than
> just fail.


> I couldn't get any debugging messages out of the module, assuming
> they should have turned up in /var/adm/sialog.

I think you have to compile with -DDEBUG.

It did work at some time, but since I don't use SIA it has apparenly
deteriorated. There's the additional problem of needing wierd linking
to make it work. For instance there are (or were) stub krb5_ functions
in libX11(!), and if you did the wrong thing when linking you got
those instead and so failed miserably.