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Windows password changing with Heimdal KDC

I managed to get Heimdal to serve Windows 2000 client authentication.
I also was able to get password changing in Windows 2000 to work however
it seems now it no longer works... I get an error 1326: Unknown username
or incorrect password from Windows.

Before this used to work -- but I had another issue -- which was that if a
password was rejected at the KDC, it would give ridiculous numbers (ie.
your password must have at least 36,000 characters and not repeat your
last 8,000 passwords)

Has anyone tried this?  I also had to tweak options in the kadmin/changepw
principal -- taking out disallow-renew and disallow-forwardable -- is
there some major security issue with this?

Speaking of security... I asked this question before but received no
response... is there a way to get preauthentication to work with Windows

All of this is on Heimdal 0.4e (Linux)

Jason Garman / jgarman@wedgie.org