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Re: openssl-0.9.6c krb4.1.1.1 libdes

Johan Danielsson schrieb:
> Ralf Grabow <heimdal@systron.de> writes:
> > What is: prototype for crypt() ?
> You were talking about compile problems with openssl etc, but as far
> as I can tell, the example you showed did not have anything to do with
> this. Or did I miss something?
> /Johan

The authentication for afs-service needs not only kdc listen on port 88,
but also listen on port 750 and 4444.

configuring heimdal with krb4 results in:

configure:16901: checking for krb4
configure:16953: gcc  -c -I/usr/athena/include -g -O2  conftest.c >&5
configure:16956: $? = 0
configure:16959: test -s conftest.o
configure:16962: $? = 0
configure:16986: gcc  -o conftest -I/usr/athena/include -g -O2  
conftest.c -L/usr/athena/lib -lkrb
-lcrypto -lresolv  >&5
/usr/athena/lib/libkrb.so: undefined reference to `crypt'

configuring krb4-1.1.1 results in:

please look at my first mailing.
Problem is not configuration the openssl-versions.
My Problem is the configuration of krb4-1.1.1 with these two different
versions of openssl.