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Re: Incremental propagation and kadmin merge

On 19 Aug 2002, Johan Danielsson wrote:

> Wolfgang Friebel <friebel@ifh.de> writes:
> > Is this a bug or is that the expected behavior when I want to use
> > the kadmin merge functionality?
> I think it's expected behaviour, but that doesn't mean it can't
> change. The problem is knowing which principals actually change when
> you do a merge/load.
I guess if you do a load, then you have to propagate the whole DB anyway,
therefore that is ok. If you do a merge, all what is contained in the
merge file is actually changing. One could think of a limit (e.g. if the
number of entries that do change exceeds that limit, the whole DB could be
transferred anyway).

Unfortunately apart from that there still seems to be a bug in the code,
as after resetting the log ipropd does always a full DB propagation unless
you restart the master.
This is probably due to some damage on the client side, as before a kadmin
merge I have
-rw-------   1 root     other         24 Aug 19 11:31 log

and dump_log nicely gives me the client log while after the merge I do
-rw-------   1 root     other       4224 Aug 19 11:46 /var/heimdal/log

and dump_log just hangs (even after restart of ipropd master and slave).