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mod_auth_kerb and Heimdal KDC


I've build mod_auth_kerb on a web server, suign the MIT libs as the
author doesn't support Heimdal and it doesn't compile with Heimdal
libs. It compiles correctly and appears to operate sanely, though it
doesn't like my /usr/local/apache/etc/keytab:

Aug 21 00:15:34 coyote [Wed Aug 21 00:15:34 2002] [error] (13) Permission denied: access to /members/index.html failed for, reason: krb5_rd_req(): Permission denied (13)

A bit of google searching reveals that the error generally indicates
that the application doesn't like the keytab. That makes sense if the
MIT and Heimdal keytab format isn't the same.

Has anyone gotten mod_auth_kerb to work with Heimdal, and if so, how?


- Tillman

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