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Re: arcfour-hmac-md5

>        default_keys = v5 arcfour-hmac-md5
>should work. The default_etypes is the this of supported enctypes
>presented to the KDC.

Hmm, if I do a "cpw lukeh" in kadmin after this, "get lukeh"
still returns DES keys only:

               Principal: lukeh@XAD-0.PADL.COM
       Principal expires: never
        Password expires: never
    Last password change: never
         Max ticket life: 32 years 8 months 12 hours 35 minutes 52 seconds
      Max renewable life: unlimited
                    Kvno: 0
                   Mkvno: 0
                  Policy: none
   Last successful login: never
       Last failed login: never
      Failed login count: 0
           Last modified: 2002-08-21 12:35:49 UTC
              Attributes: disallow-svr, requires-pre-auth, disallow-proxiable, disallow-postdated
Keytypes(salttype[(salt-value)]): des3-cbc-sha1(pw-salt), des-cbc-md5(pw-salt),
des-cbc-md4(pw-salt), des-cbc-crc(pw-salt)

-- Luke

Luke Howard | lukehoward.com
PADL Software | www.padl.com