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New version of PKINIT

Hello all

A new version of the PKINIT patch has been just published at

Changes since last release includes:
- client compatibility with Win2k KDC (i.e. Heimdal clients can authenticate
  to a Win2k KDC via PKINIT)
- smartcard support
- autotools support (PKINIT and other related features can set via the
  configure script)
- new config files options (enable_pkinit for kdc.conf and pkinit_server for
- added meanigful messages and error codes to lots of functions.
- usage of Heimdal 0.5
- several bugfixes

I'd like to thank Mario Strasser <mario.strasser@zhwin.ch> who contributed by
lots of code (especially the smartcard support and Win2k compatibility).

best regards

Daniel Kouril