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Re: rsh wants to execvp rlogin woes

Learing as I go along.

The manual page for heimdal says that an "rsh" without a command will execute 
rlogin. I don't have an rlogin so that doesn't work.

rsh (called krsh in debian) with a command does work as advertised.

rxterm & rxtelnet are shell scripts. Calls to rsh & telnet are within the 
script. These aren't found since they were renamed to krsh & ktelnet in the 
debian distribution. Changing them in the script did the trick.

I am constantly getting: krb5_sendauth: happy: Clock skew too great
Which is illogical to me because these are to/from the same computer. I have 
MIT kerberos on the other computer and it doesn't give me this problem. The 
one complaining about clock skew is running the KDC.