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pam_krb5-heimdal-1.3-rc5 released


2002-12-09 Balazs GAL <balsa@rit.bme.hu>

        * Release pam_krb5-heimdal-1.3-rc5

2002-12-09 Balazs GAL <balsa@rit.bme.hu>

        * pam_sm_acct_mgmt: Correct mainstream to look for
          pam_get_item return code. This fix segfaults if
          used with ssh gssapi and debian/woody
          PAM 0.72 implementation.
        * pam_sm_setcred sshd code:
          call safe_chown to getuid(), getgid() to make krb5 lib happy.

        * New safe_reuse function (not used yet)

        * Update debian directory


p.s: I dont have a Solaris for development. If anybody has an
and is interested in pam_krb5 development please mail me. Thanks.