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Re: pam_krb5-heimdal-1.3-rc5 released

2002-12-11, sze keltezéssel Balazs GAL ezt írta:

> p.s: I dont have a Solaris for development. If anybody has an
> and is interested in pam_krb5 development please mail me. Thanks.

This means, that I need a solaris shell acc with an GNU build
environment at least with:
gmake, cc|gcc, installed heimdal kth-krb4 pam libc libs and headers,
an working kerberos 5 domain,
optinal installed arla or openafs client, openssh with gssapi patch.

I have many downloads but only few feedbacks about pam_krb5.
Please mail me if You can or can't use my heimdal port and enhancement
version of RedHat's pam_krb5.
Testers are needed !

Many thanks