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Re: Kerberos on SuSE 8.2

On Monday 28 April 2003 13:46, Buck Huppman wrote:
> looks like kinit is a java program on this box. do you have a heimdal
> version of kinit on this box to try running? 

I did wonder why Heimdal had written it in Java... SuSE documentation states 
that SuSE 8.2 "contains a free implementation of Kerberos called Heimdal" - 
it doesn't state outright that the client provided is Heimdals, but I took it 
that way.

It turned out the only file named kinit on the system was that provided by the 
Java Runtime Environment, and even setting up Kerberos authentication via 
YaST2 didn't install anything else. 

However, a search of SuSE' package lists reveals that the heimdal RPM installs 
Heimdal's version of kinit (this package is, obviously, on the KDC - hence it 
working). I've still got a bit of fiddling to do, as it's finding the Java 
version first on the PATH, but the Heimdal version does work as expected.

Thanks very much,
Geoff Beaumont