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Re: more slave problems

you mean authenticate against the slave fails ?

I had the same error authenticating against the slave.
Master and Slave must have the same m-key.


Bill Swingle wrote:
> I have a slave server set up using ipropd-slave which seems to be
> working well, i.e. password changes get propigated from master to slave.
> Authentication with the master works fine but trying to authenticate
> against the master renders this error:
> 2003-06-24T11:14:31 AS-REQ unfurl@SR.NEXTRIALS.COM from IPv4: for krbtgt/SR.NEXTRIALS.COM@SR.NEXTRIALS.COM
> 2003-06-24T11:14:31 Using des3-cbc-sha1/des3-cbc-sha1
> 2003-06-24T11:14:31 krb5_crypto_init failed: Key size is incompatible with encryption type
> 2003-06-24T11:14:31 sending 196 bytes to IPv4:
> The master, slave and client machines are all FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE using
> the FreeBSD heimdal-0.5.1 port. 
> Any suggestions?
> -Bill