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more slave problems

I have a slave server set up using ipropd-slave which seems to be
working well, i.e. password changes get propigated from master to slave.
Authentication with the master works fine but trying to authenticate
against the master renders this error:

2003-06-24T11:14:31 AS-REQ unfurl@SR.NEXTRIALS.COM from IPv4: for krbtgt/SR.NEXTRIALS.COM@SR.NEXTRIALS.COM
2003-06-24T11:14:31 Using des3-cbc-sha1/des3-cbc-sha1
2003-06-24T11:14:31 krb5_crypto_init failed: Key size is incompatible with encryption type
2003-06-24T11:14:31 sending 196 bytes to IPv4:

The master, slave and client machines are all FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE using
the FreeBSD heimdal-0.5.1 port. 

Any suggestions?


-=| Bill Swingle <unfurl@nextrials.com>
-=| Senior Systems Administrator 
-=| Nextrials Inc. 1 925 785 1419