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Re: kinit and foreign (Japanese) names

Nicolas Williams writes:

>Yeah.  And pre-auth failed indicates that the problem has to do with the
>password, not the princ name.
> - is the user typing in the princ name and password in a UTF-8 locale?
> - was the password originally typed in in a UTF-8 locale (i.e., when it
>   was last changed)?
> - when you use the kadmin tool to look at the principal record in a
>   UTF-8 locale, does it render correctly?  How about in the C locale?

The OP wrote that he's trying to use Heimdal (0.5.?) kinit, to get a
TGT for a user in an MS domain (tho' that got trimmed before the
message to which you replied.) So the original princname, as seeen by
the Microsoft domain controller/KDC, was in Unicode.