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Re: kaserver Import

> I'm probably overinterpreting the web page, but there is a hint that 
> hpropd might be able to directly import a kaserver database. 

Hprop can send a kaserver database to hpropd, hprop.c:

        ret = ka_dump(pd, database);

> Am I dreaming?  

$ ./hprop --help
Usage: hprop [-SDEnvh] [--master-key=file] [-m file] [--database=file] [-d file]
   [--source=heimdal|mit-dump|krb4-dump|krb4-db|kaserver] [--v4-realm=string]
   [-r string] [--cell=string] [-c string] [--kaspecials] [--keytab=keytab]
   [-k keytab] [--v5-realm=string] [-R string] [--decrypt] [--encrypt]
   [--stdout] [--verbose] [--version] [--help] [host[:port]] ...

> In any case does anyone have any suggestions for AFS kaserver to 
> Heimdal migration beyond the info in the AFS-KRB5 migration kit?

Should be along the line

1. Set up heimdal kdc as slave
2. hprop kaserver -> heimdal kdc
3. Check that the servers give you the same answers
4. Change config to point out the heimdal kdc
5. Kill kaserver

This is not very tested as it is normaly done once for each realm ;-)