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Re: need more explanation on krb4->krb5 conversion

On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, David Komanek wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am trying to undertand, why am not able to use principals converted from
> krb4 to heimdal. Using kdc with the "default" database which is created
> with "kadmin init" command works well, even if I "ank" new principals. I
> am able to get tickets, list them, destroy them, everything seems to work
> fine.
> But after the conversion of the old version principals I run into
> problems:
> /usr/local/heimdal/libexec/hprop -n --source=krb4-db -d /var/kerberos/principal --master-key=/.k -E pteryx.natur.cuni.cz | /usr/local/heimdal/libexec/hpropd -n

The documentation says:

"hprop -4 -E -k hprop.keytab slave-server"

I think you are trying to copy/replicate the database, but that doesn't
convert it.

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