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Re: kxd: getnameinfo failed

On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Love wrote:

> Lars Albertsson <lalle@sics.se> writes:
> > By the way, what is the difference between 0.6-20031006 and 20031006?
> > Is the latter from a release branch? Krb5-config --version for
> > 0.6-20031006 prints 20031006, which is a little confusing.
> Yes the heimdal-0.6-<date>.tar.gz is from the release branch of 0.6, and
> should be quite stable. heimdal-<date>.tar.gz is from the top development
> branch and might be broken time to time.

But you didn't say that heimdal-0.6-<date>.tar.gz is needed when one need
krb4 fallback and that one has to openssl-0.9.6 to compile against.

heimdal-<date>.tar.gz can be used with krb-1.3(not yet out) if one requires
krb4 code.

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