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Re: New installation for GSSAPI, sample application error

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 12:10, Alberto Patino wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 10:09, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> > [root sample]# ./server -s ldap
> > trying 10, 1, 6
> > socket: Invalid argument
> > trying 2, 1, 6
> > trying 1, 1, 0
> > 
> This is a SASL configuration problem and not a Heimdal problem. So,
> first think you MUST read under your sasl source directory the
> doc/gssapi.html document.

Yeah I know, I was not getting any responses to help on the SASL list.

> Anyway be certain that you build SASL with GSSAPI support. The fact you
> don't see the GSSAPI mechanism is because the GSSAPI plugin cannot be
> loaded.
> Please verify that you have libgssapiv2.so in your sasl directory. (
> /usr/lib/sasl2)

This seems to be it, the file is not there. I bult and installed SASL
originally without the '--enable-gssapi' option. When I realized it was
needed, I still had the same source, did a 'make clean' that seems to
have cleaned it out, and rebuilt and installed with the option. Like I
said before, I am building it with '--enable-gssapi=/usr' because that
was the prefix used to install Heimdal. The install seems to go without
a hitch.

Any suggestions? I am rebuilding now after removing the src and
untarring again.