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Re: Problems finding KDC

David Komanek <xdavid@lib-eth.natur.cuni.cz> writes:

> tru64unix box uses udp/750 for communication and it fails
> working clients use udp/88 for communication and it works

Quite possible, what is "kerberos" set to in /etc/services on the

> Now my question is, what causes this difference ?

It gets the port number from /etc/services, so if that's wrong it
would explain it.

> I browsed heimdal code and saw it makes decision on how to
> communicate (ports, udp vs. tcp) but I do not understand it much
> deeply.

I think (if the theory above is correct) the crucial line is:

	def_port = ntohs(krb5_getportbyname (context, "kerberos", "udp", 88));

where it looks up kerberos/udp in services, and if that doesn't exist
defaults to port 88.

You can also set the port in krb5.conf (kdc = host:port).