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Re: Problems finding KDC

> > tru64unix box uses udp/750 for communication and it fails
> > working clients use udp/88 for communication and it works
> Quite possible, what is "kerberos" set to in /etc/services on the
> client?
> > Now my question is, what causes this difference ?
> It gets the port number from /etc/services, so if that's wrong it
> would explain it.

Yes, you are right. Here are the original entries (default after the fresh
install of operating system) in /etc/services on tru64unix 5.1a, at least
in my case:

kerberos        750/udp         kdc
kerberos_master 751/tcp
passwd_server   752/udp
krb_prop        753/tcp

It is possible that in the case someone goues to tru64unix 5.x via upgrade
from 4.0x, there are no such entries and people are not experiencing my
problem, but it is quite hypothetical, I have no 4.0 box anymore.

> You can also set the port in krb5.conf (kdc = host:port).

This works for me fine. I would preffer this while in our network is still
krb4 running before we complete all tests on heimdal, so I will not risk
krb4 will have problems after modifying /etc/services.

Thank you very much, your points were very helpfull for me, I have
struggled with for very long time.