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Re: Build environment incomplete and how to handle that.

Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> writes:

>> So, what is wrong? Couldn't configue have told me that it's no idea in
>> starting make without curses (I needed ncurses-devel).
> Either that or conditionally build the things which need it.  (Why is
> a homemade `AC_FIND_FUNC_NO_LIBS' used rather than `AC_SEARCH_LIBS'?

Because last I checked AC_SEARCH_LIBS couldn't handle 
AC_SEARCH_LIBS(res_query,["" resolv]).

> It should at least not have an `AC_' prefix, I think.)


>> The same goes for lex and yacc.
> They shouldn't be necessary for non-development use.  The generated
> files should be shipped with the sources.  (That's according to the
> GNU conventions, which seem sensible.)  I thought Automake did it that
> way automagically, though.  Is it just that the tarball isn't made
> properly?

They are not shipped with generated files no, maybe we should consider
it. It might have been a problem at some time before I started as a
developers, so I don't really know the reason.


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