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Re: Build environment incomplete and how to handle that.

Harald Barth <haba@pdc.kth.se> writes:

> I compiled heimdal on a box that was not installed with all the devel
> tools. I run configure and then make and got the following error:
> So, what is wrong? Couldn't configue have told me that it's no idea in
> starting make without curses (I needed ncurses-devel). 

Sure, its just the configure script just assumes that the build
enviromentment is somewhat sane.

> The same goes for lex and yacc. At the end of the configure run, show a
> summary of things to fix instead of failing the make later with some
> strange message from linker or other tool.

It might be a good idea, but do you really know when tgetent isn't needed ?


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