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Re: 0.6 compilation fails on RH AS3

> I have tried to compile Heimdal-0.6 on Red Hat AS3 (ia64),
> but compilation failed. That's where the problem occured:

We should try to get 0.6.1 out of the door. There is a recent snapshot
available in the snapshot directory. If you need krb4 backwards compat
(hopefully not) you will need the latest kth-krb snapshot, too. But
the easiest is to do a --without-krb4 if you don't need it. If you
still have a db problem with 0.6.1, please include the output from
configure (when it writes what db stuff it found) and a list of db
related rpms you have installed. I don't know what alternative db
libraries you have available on AS3, but at least one of them usually
works, the tricky part is to find the right one. You may want to test
some configure flags, there is a "--disable-berkeley-db" but I have
not used it myself.