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Re: More kpasswdd questions. (These should be easy.)

At 10:45 AM +0100 3/12/04, Love wrote:
>"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:
>  > Should I worry about these errors:
>>  # verify_krb5_conf /etc/krb5.conf
>>  verify_krb5_conf: /kdc/check-ticket-addresses: unknown entry
>>  verify_krb5_conf: /kdc/allow-null-ticket-addresses: unknown entry
>>  verify_krb5_conf: /password_quality: unknown entry
>No. There were errors in the verify_krb5_conf program, I just fixed
>them. Thanks.

Ok, while I'm on the subject, the following three are supposed to be 
valid in [libdefaults], but two of them give similar warnings
	renew_lifetime = 1 week
	forwardable= true
	proxiable = true
I moved them back to [appdefaults], but wouldn't [libdefaults] be 
more appropriate for the kdc side?  I guess these are supposed to 
apply to client requests, not kdc permissions, so I shouldn't worry.
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