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LDAP backend

I am trying to setup the LDAP backend to Heimdal 0.6 using OpenLDAP
2.1.23 following the PADL document.

I made the settings to LDAP slapd.conf and my realm in Heimdal was
already created. I add the [kdc] section to /etc/krb5.conf, went into
kadmin and did 'list *' and it said could not find file for database
'ldap:ou=Users,dc=webtent,dc=net'. Maybe wrong, but I thought, let me
re-init my realm. So, I did 'init WEBTENT' and then added a user and now
'list *' shows the principals, but nothing in LDAP.

Am I doing this right?

esmtp# cat /etc/krb5.conf
        default_realm = WEBTENT.NET
        clockskew = 300
        v4_instance_resolve = false
        v4_name_convert = {
                host = {
                        rcmd = host
                        ftp = ftp
                plain = {
                        something = something-else
        database = {
                dbname = ldap:ou=Users,dc=webtent,dc=net
                mkey_file = /var/heimdal/m-key